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The Affordable Yacht How To Buy A Sailboat On A Budget-An Ebook

Item No. spg012


Twinkle Toes and The Riddle of the Lake

A cat's place is at home in her garden not out on a great lake getting wet or so thinks Twinkle Toes when she's shanghaied aboard the yacht Ariel for a cruise to Canada along with her mother Dusty and her cousin Miss Piggy. But then Twink learns of a mystery and the quickest way to get home is to solve it. In her quest for knowledge, Twink and the rest of the crew have to elude the Wind Witch of the Lake and find their way to Main Duck Island the most remote island on the lake. Unfortunately, Skipper Sue is a lousy navigator...

Riddle includes Skipper Sue's notebook, a collection of short environmental and historical articles for “grownups” and advanced readers. Part One is written at a 5 to 6 grade reading level, Part Two (like all my books) is at about grade 7 level.

223 pages illustrated paperback, glossary, and references

“It begins as a delightful tale of sailing as seen from the perspective of pet cats, but becomes a serious wake-up call alerting about the dangers facing one of our most precious natural resources..."
Jeffrey C. Freedman, Ph.D., SUNY Upstate Medical University and Past Commodore, Onondaga Yacht Club;

“Great effort. I loved it.” Jean Siracusa ecologist

“A quirky fun book that made me think about the lake. “ Steven C ( student)


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