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The Affordable Yacht How To Buy A Sailboat On A Budget-An Ebook

Item No. spg-006
$3.00 book
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The Affordable Yacht How To Buy A Sailboat On A Budget-An Ebook
A short ebook of approximately 30 pages printed in 6 inch by 8 inch format that helps dreamers and doers get afloat and go now. This booklet will help you find a cheap boat, evaluate her condition and value, and describes some of the best models of boats for budget minded buyers. Information on getting her surveyed, insured, and ways to save money after you buy and now need gear for the boat is also included. The author has over 30 years of experience as a budget boater sailing a 19 foot open boat for ten years, a 23 foot wooden sloop for another 17 years and then on a 1968 32 foot sloop. She has supported her sailing since 1981 through writing and since 1997 with charters. The companion book Sailing On A Shoestring is also available as an ebook. The Affordable Yacht is available as a pdf file download. For a doc file compatible with Microsoft word via e mail attachment contact susan@silverwaters.com


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