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The Affordable Yacht How To Buy A Sailboat On A Budget-An Ebook
  Artisan: Susan Gateley

Lake Ontario books and sailing adventures

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1 inch lake pebble magnet

An authentic Lake Ontario lucky rock- this is a "healed" pebble that once fractured and then was cemented back together after calcite was deposited by water in the crack- so it's lucky to be in one piece! The lucky rock is a widespread tradtion- Cayuga Lake lucky stones have holes in them, in New England they are often white pebbles but here they're always dark with a white ring.
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1 inch lake pebble magnet

This nice little piece of gneiss is a serious survivor being about a billion years old. The glacier carried it down from Canada to Wayne County and dropped it here about 10,000 years ago. This pebble came from a metamorphic rock that originally formed ten miles or more beneath the earth’s surface.  After various eons orogenies and earthquakes later, it ended up on a refrigerator.

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1 inch pebble magnet

approximately 1 inch white quarztite Lake Ontario pebble refrigerator magnet

 A sailor with a white pebble in his pocket will never drown or so the folk lore says. A  white stone also gave a famous Scottish prophet the gift of foretelling the future. Consult this pebble before contributing to your next discount brokerage trade (and maybe check with the Motley Fools too just to be safe!)

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Ariadne's Death Tales of Heroism &Tragedy on Lake Ontario

From the tragic ends of several family owned cargo schooners of the nineteenth century to the improbable outcome of a fishing trip on Lake Ontario taken in 2002, Gateley’s newest book chronicles a variety of maritime disasters, acts of heroism, and near misses. Shipwrecks, the result of bad luck, bad management, or some combination of the two, were an all too common event on Lake Ontario in the 19th and early 20th century. In this collection you’ll read of the unfortunate end of the


schooner Ariadne and the difficult death of the Noyes, both destroyed by winter gales. Steamers, too, were at risk as the story of the Quinte’s  end by fire and the Lady of the Lakes’ close call show. The book also describes  mishaps that occurred at the port of Oswego, the most lethal harbor for old sailing ships on the lake for a number of years, and ends on a lighter note with tall tales from the past and a couple of really close calls from the twenty first century.


available April 8 2006

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Beach Pebble Guide


the Beach Pebble Guide Laminated plastic photo key shows nine common varieties of beach pebbles with  brief descriptions of each. On reverse a short history of the ice age details how they all got here. Your water resistant pebble guide is also useful in an emergency as a rain hat or a fly swatter. Buy a couple to give to the young rock hounds in your family! 

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booklet Edgewalker's guide to Lake Shore Birdwatching

This 24 page pamphlet locates and desdribes a dozen good public areas for birdwatching along the lake's shore between Rochester and Oswego. It contains seasonal notes, what you may see, and best time to visist. Also includes websites for local birding and brief descriptions of several nationally known birding areas on US and Canadian shore.
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